F1 Betting Strategies: Finding Profitable Bets

An F1 betting strategy is a method or set of rules that govern how to bet on Formula 1 race events.

Having a betting strategy can help provide an F1 bettor with a profitable edge when gambling on F1.

Popular Formula 1 betting strategies include:

Bet small while testing any betting system. As with any form of gambling, money can be lost so only bet with what you can afford to lose.

Formula 1 Dutch Betting Strategy

Dutch Betting (or dutching) is when a bettor places 2 or more bets for the same outcome, profiting when one of the chosen picks wins.

For a dutch bet to be profitable, the odds need to be high enough to cover the loss on the losing pick.

Popular F1 dutch betting examples include:

  • Betting on multiple drivers to win the F1 World Championship
  • Betting on multiple drivers to win the same F1 Grand Prix Race

To calculate if a dutch bet would be profitable, simply check the odds of your picks on a betting site and use a dutching calculator to calculate if the math works out.

If the math works out, after placing the bets, it will be a winner if one of the picks wins.

Bet On Multiple Drivers To Win F1 World Championship

A popular dutching strategy in F1 is to bet on two or more drivers to win the world championship.

If one of the drivers you choose wins the F1 world championship, you will profit assuming the math is correct and the odds are high enough to cover the loss of the losing pick.

It’s important to check the dutching calculator to ensure the math makes sense before placing the bet.

Bet On Multiple Drives To Win The Same Race

Another dutching strategy in F1 betting is to bet on multiple drivers to win the same race.

There are some race circuits where certain drivers do well at. With this information, a bettor can gain an edge.

Check race specific driver results history to see what tracks drivers have better results racing at.

Again, with dutching, the odds need to be high enough for the math to work. If the odds are high enough, your bet will be a winner if one of the drivers you pick wins the race.


Dutch Betting is placing two or more bets for the same outcome. Popular dutch betting strategies include betting on multiple drivers to win the same race or multiple drivers to win the F1 World Championship.

Formula 1 In Race Live Scalping Betting Strategy

Live in race (or in play) scalping is getting into and out of bets for fast and small profits while the F1 race is ongoing.

A scalp bet will typically last only a few seconds to a few minutes at most.

Typically, in race live scalp betting can be done effectively on betting exchanges, like Betfair Exchange as an example.

Popular in play live scalp betting examples include:

  • In play fastest lap scalp betting
  • In play race winner scalp betting

To apply this betting strategy, it’s important to ensure the bookies you bet with offers in race live betting, as not all do.

In Race Fastest Lap Scalp Betting

A scalp betting strategy that is often used is in race fastest lap scalping. This is typically done at the later part of the race, when the fuel is burned and the car is lighter.

If a driver pits near the end of the race for fresh tyres, typically they will be trying to get the fastest lap of the race.

If you see a driver pit late in the race for new tyres, scalping the fastest lap betting markets can be a good option.

As the sector times come in the lap after they pit late in the race, bettors can scalp for quick wins or small losses as the driver pushes to take the fastest lap of the race.

In Play Race Winner Scalp Betting

Another popular scalp betting strategy is scalping the race winner markets.

If a driver is on a fast charge through the grid and making up solid ground in the later parts of a race, the betting market for that F1 driver to win the race can provide some excellent scalping opportunities.


In race scalping is a great betting strategy for bettors that like to get in and out of bets quickly. Scalping the race winner betting markets or fastest lap betting markets are the most popular for this strategy.

Formula 1 Odds Arbitrage Betting Strategy

Odds arbitrage betting (or arbing) is when bettors profit from the difference in odds prices between different bookmakers.

When back odds are higher than lay odds, there is a risk free bet by placing the back bet on one bookmaker’s website and the lay bet on the other bookies site and profiting the difference between the two.

Arbitrage betting in Formula 1 is difficult to do as bettors need to be quick. These arbitrage opportunities don’t show up very often and when they do, they are fast to correct.

Also, if bookmakers figure out you’re arbing, they tend to shut down the bettors account.

F1 Grand Prix Race Winner Arbitrage Betting Strategy

Arbitrage betting is most commonly used in the F1 grand prix race winner markets as that market is generally the most liquid.

There can be high odd variance between bookies, especially for in race betting markets.


Arbitrage betting the F1 markets is finding differences in the odds between one bookmaker and another. These involve finding back odds that are higher in one bookmaker than lay odds are in another.

Formula 1 Lay Betting Strategy

Lay betting is betting against an outcome of an event. An example of a lay bet in Formula One would be betting against Max Verstappen wining a race.

Popular F1 lay betting strategies include:

  • Laying the pole position driver to go on and win the race
  • Laying the leading car after lap 1 to go on and win the race

Not all bookmakers offer the option to place a lay bet so check with your bookmaker before trying this strategy or simply find a bookmaker that offers lay betting.

Lay The Pole Position Driver To Win The Race

A strategy that can work well at some racing circuits is placing a lay bet on the driver that qualified on pole to go on and win the race.

On some race circuits, qualifying on pole is not as important for winning the race so using this strategy at these type of circuits can work.

Tracks that are easy to overtake on are good candidates for this betting strategy.

Look at the F1 statistics of a race circuit to see how often a driver that qualified on pole went on to win the race.

Another option is to place a lay bet on the pole position driver if the race is wet. Wet races throw up a lot of variables.

Lay The Leading Car After The First Lap Of A Wet Race

Laying the leading car on the first lap of a wet race can also be a good lay betting strategy.

With wet races, there are far more variables, red flags, safety cars and things that can influence who wins the race.


Lay betting the driver that qualifies on pole to go on and win the race can work at some race circuits or if the weather is bad for the race. This strategy works best where qualifying is not as important for the race finishing position and overtaking is easier.