F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton Betting Tips

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British racing driver Lewis Hamilton is currently the most successful Formula 1 driver of all time with 7 world titles, multiple wins, podiums and pole positions to his name.

With his dominance in motorsports, the odds tend to be lower for him and finding value can sometimes be difficult.

Top Lewis Hamilton F1 Betting Tip

The top Lewis Hamilton betting tip is for him to win the F1 World Championship this year.

F1 driver Lewis Hamilton is odds favorite to win the world championship this season.

With his dominance in the Mercedes car in the last few seasons, he is a consistently fast driver throughout the F1 season making him a great bet to win the title.

As the season progresses, the odds fluctuate. Ideally any odds over 2.0 (decimal odds) are favorable.

World Championship Tips Summary

Lewis Hamilton is a fast driver and with the Mercedes F1 car so strong, he stands a great chance of winning the Formula 1 championship again.

Lewis Hamilton F1 Qualifying Betting Tips

There are a number of racing circuits that Lewis is particularly dominate at. With this in mind, there can be some great bets in individual Grand Prix events.

The best Lewis Hamilton qualifying betting tips are:

  • Pole Position at the Hungarian Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton has performed very well in qualifying for the F1 Hungarian Grand Prix in the past. Lewis qualifying on pole is a great betting tip for the Hungarian GP race for bettors wishing to bet on Lewis in the qualifying markets.
  • Pole Position at the Spanish Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton has been very dominant at the Spanish Grand Prix in the past. A great bet tip for the Spanish Grand Prix is for Lewis to qualify on pole for the race.
  • Pole Position at the Canadian Grand Prix: Another great track for Lewis Hamilton is the Canadian GP. A great Canadian F1 betting tip is for Lewis to qualify in pole position.

These race tracks are three of Lewis’s most successful tracks where he performs very well at.

Qualifying Tips Summary

Lewis Hamilton is fast at many circuits on the F1 calendar but the three standout tracks are the Canadian, Hungarian and Spanish tracks. The odds are higher for these Grand Prix’s if he starts the season off slow.

Lewis Hamilton F1 Race Betting Tips

With Lewis Hamilton’s racing record are many of the F1 circuits, there are many great betting options to choose from when gambling on the F1 driver.

The best Lewis Hamilton race betting tips are:

  • Race win at the Russian Grand Prix: Lewis has a solid track record at this circuit with strong results in previous race seasons at this track. A great Russian GP betting tip is for Lewis to win the race. The track is easier to overtake on down the long straight which helps should he not qualify well.
  • Finish on the podium for races where he starts from the back: Another bet tip is to bet on Lewis reaching the podium for races during the year where he starts the race from the back of the grid. This is only worth betting on if the track is easy to overtake at.
  • Wet race winner: Betting on Lewis to win a wet race weekend is another good betting option. If it’s raining for the race, Lewis tends to be very fast in the wet and the odds are generally higher for a wet race.

These are the top race betting options for F1 bettors looking to bet on Lewis Hamilton for the race itself.

Race Betting Tips Summary

Lewis Hamilton has a great race record at the Russian GP. This is a good track to bet on him to win. If there is a race weekend that is wet during the year, betting on Lewis to win that wet race is another great option as Lewis is a fast driver in the wet.

Who Are The Best Bookies For Betting On Lewis Hamilton?

The best bookmakers and sports books for betting on F1 driver Lewis Hamilton are:

  • Betfair Exchange: The Betfair Exchange has the highest odds for most Lewis Hamilton betting markets, in particular the race betting markets.
  • Skybet: For any Lewis Hamilton race specials, Skybet is the best option as they tend to have the most betting specials offered for the F1 driver throughout the season.
  • Bet365: Bet365 tend to payout any winning bets the fastest.

What Bookmakers Have The Best Odds For Betting On Lewis Hamilton?

The bookies with the highest odds for betting on Lewis Hamilton are:

  • Betfair Exchange: Betfair consistently has high odds for all Lewis Hamilton betting markets.
  • Smarkets: Smarkets has great betting odds on Lewis Hamilton throughout the F1 season.

These two bookmakers/sportsbooks usually have the highest odds when betting on Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton Facts

Team: Mercedes

Highest Race Finish: 1st

Race Car Number: 44

Country: United Kingdom

Date Of Birth: January 7th 1985

Place Of Birth: Stevenage, England

Highest Qualifying Position: 1st

Highest Race Finish Position: 1st

World Championships: 7

First F1 Race: March 18th, 2007. Australian Grand Prix