F1 Driver Max Verstappen Betting Tips

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Dutch racing driver Max Verstappen is a Red Bull Racing driver with great performances at many of the F1 races on the calendar.

Certain races during the F1 season offers bettors great value bets on Max Verstappen.

There are a number of great betting tips below for bettors wanting to gamble on Max Verstappen.

Top Max Verstappen F1 Betting Tip

The top betting tip for the F1 race season is for Max Verstappen to win the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Monaco GP suits the Red Bull F1 car and Max will be looking to win the race.

Qualifying for this race is very important as it’s difficult to overtake so Red Bull will set the car up for a fast 1 lap pace.

The odds for the race will show approximately a week or two before the race event is scheduled.

Top Betting Tip Summary

Max Verstappen to win the Monaco race is a good bet tip as the Red Bull team are generally very strong at this track having won it last year. Watch qualifying as it’s very important for this race as overtaking is difficult.

Max Verstappen F1 Qualifying Betting Tips

Certain race tracks suit the Red Bull car and it’s best to bet on Max Verstappen when there’s a good chance he can deliver the desired result.

The best Max Verstappen qualifying betting tips are:

  • Pole position at the Monaco Grand Prix: A great F1 Monaco GP betting tip is for Max Verstappen to qualify on pole.
  • Pole position at the Mexican Grand Prix: Max Verstappen and the Red Bull team perform well at the Mexican race. A top Mexican F1 GP betting tip is for Max to qualify on pole for the race.
  • Top 3 qualifying finish in any wet weather qualifying session: Whenever a qualifying session is wet during the F1 season, betting on Max to qualify in the top 3 is a great bet. He drives well in the wet when conditions are more difficult.

Qualifying Tips Summary

Max Verstappen and the Red Bull team perform great at circuits like Monaco and Mexico where they’ve won in the past. These are great events to bet on Max Verstappen as he usually drives well at them.

Max Verstappen F1 Race Betting Tips

Max Verstappen performs well at certain tracks during the racing season. Betting on him to perform good at these tracks can work great.

The race betting tips for Max Verstappen throughout the F1 season are:

  • Max Verstappen wins the Mexican Grand Prix: Max has driven well at this track in the past, winning at this race track before. Bettors should check the odds for Max to win this race when the betting markets become available for this event.
  • Max Verstappen wins the Monaco Grand Prix: As qualifying is very important at this track, bettors should watch the qualifying for this race event. Max is fast at this circuit, having won there in the past. It’s difficult to overtake so if Max can claim pole position, he has a great chance of winning the race.
  • Max Verstappen gets fastest lap in Monaco GP: With the tight and twisty circuit suiting the Red Bull car, Max could take the fastest lap of the Monaco race. This will only work if no other driver pits near race end for new tyres.
  • Max Verstappen to dnf from 3 races or more in the season: With the pressure of the championship, Max will need to take some extra risks. A great betting tip is in the specials betting market. Bet on him to not finish 3 or more races in the season.

Bet on Max to win Monaco & Mexico races

Max Verstappen, when the car is strong, can deliver on most racing tracks around the world. Tips like winning the Mexican and Monaco GP are great because he performed very strong at this circuit in the past seasons.

Max Verstappen World Championship Betting Tip

Max Verstappen and Red Bull will be looking to win the driver world championship this season.

The world championship betting tip is to place a lay bet on Max Verstappen winning the world championship.

With the consistency of the Mercedes, we think Max will not be able to overcome the challenge of Lewis Hamilton.

Lay Max Verstappen To Win World Championship

With the strengths of the Mercedes, Max Verstappen will struggle to win the title. A great betting tip is to lay Max on winning the title (bet against him winning).

What Bookmakers Have The Best Odds For Betting On Max Verstappen?

The bookies with the highest odds for betting on Max Verstappen are:

  • Betfair Exchange: Betfair consistently has high odds for all Max Verstappen betting markets.
  • Skybet: Skybet occasionally offer a price boost offering high odds for betting on Max Verstappen.

These two bookmakers/sportsbooks usually have the highest odds when betting on Max Verstappen.

Max Verstappen Facts

Team: Red Bull Racing

Highest Race Finish: 1st

Race Car Number: 33

Country: Netherlands

Date Of Birth: September 30th 1997

Place Of Birth: Hasselt, Belgium

Highest Qualifying Position: 1st

Highest Race Finish Position: 1st

World Championships: 0

First F1 Race: March 15th, 2015. Australian Grand Prix